Herbal Tea Chains

Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Lori Weidehammer led us in a herbal tea chain workshop where participants learned to identify health-giving herbs, dried fruits and spices. While enjoying the pleasure of each others company, community members created herbal tea chains to take home to make their own infusions.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Garden Trellises by Rebecca Graham at Moberly!

 If we work in gardens, we're not going to let a little rain get in the way of our schedule. We commissioned artist Rebeca Graham to help our scarlet runner beans and sweet peas by creating some unique support structures. On a drizzly muggy morning she got down to work, as did this little ladybug laying her eggs on the silvery leaves of an artichoke plant.

 Rebecca has been working with Alastair Heseltine at VanDusen Gardens and she is very excited with how his willow structure is progressing.  His piece is in a show curated by Celia Duthie and Nicholas Hunt called Touch Wood.

 I love this trellis! We need a few more of these around the garden. Would you like to learn how to make one?

 As Rebecca worked on the structure, I pruned and weeded the garden with a couple of little helpers. We tried to allow more air to circulate around and within the plants.

 These "God's Eyes" are a really lovely detail in the work.

 I love the way this sturdy but delicate structure gives us a new way to view the plants on either side.

 The plant with the red flowers behind the structure is called Red Valerian or "Jupiter's Beard."  It's starting to go to seed right now.

The bees were loving these nodding onions. There was a sleepy bumble bee on the parsley blossoms next to the onions. We petted the bumble bee and when the sun came out it woke up very thirsty, running its tongue along the surface of the parsley looking for nectar.

 We will train some of the beans laterally along these "willow men".

Here's where the sweet peas will climb. There are a couple of plants blooming already from seeds that fell on the ground from last summer. The ones I planted will have red blossoms to attract the hummingbirds.

This sea holly was falling over, so I made a wabi sabi sea holly girdle.

Many thanks to Rebecca and our garden gnome helpers.

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