Herbal Tea Chains

Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Lori Weidehammer led us in a herbal tea chain workshop where participants learned to identify health-giving herbs, dried fruits and spices. While enjoying the pleasure of each others company, community members created herbal tea chains to take home to make their own infusions.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vancouver Master Gardener-The Healing Garden Committee

Common Name: Hardy Rosemary
Botanical Name: Rosemary officinalis ‘Arp’

An evergreen upright shrub with strongly fragrant needle-like leaves.
Bright blue flowers bloom from spring through summer.
Harvest sprigs for culinary use, in the growing season

Growing Conditions:
Prefers full sun in well drained soil.
Moderate growing to 6’ tall, 2 to 4’ wide.
Attributes: Cold hardy, evergreen, drought tolerant, fragrant, spring and summer flowering, deer resistant, easy care.

Drought tolerant but will require regular watering during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system.
Shear annually to shape for a tidy neat appearance.
Takes well to pruning.

Moberly is most fortunate to have partnered with The Healing Committee(who are master gardeners) in this long term project. This committee has taken it upon themselves to create a maintenance manual. This manual will record each an every plant in the Moberly Herb Garden in the format as seen aboove. In this way, stewardship can continue without the originator being on site. It provides a tool for greater agency towards stewardship with this garden.

The Role of the Master Gardener on the Healing Garden Committee
To varying degrees Master Gardeners assist with the design, installation and maintenance of Healing Gardens.
The Master Gardeners may assist in the design of Healing Gardens, conducting research into specific design ideas, planting materials and planting plans.
Master Gardeners may assist with or supervise the installation of design ideas and planting materials within a Healing Garden
Master Gardeners may be involved with the ongoing maintenance of the Healing Gardens. Tasks could include:
- The creation of a plant maintenance program/binder
- Presentations/lectures on plant maintenance to community members
maintaining the gardens
- Assist/give practical demonstrations/work along side community members while
maintaining the gardens

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